What's New from Parabola: November 2020

What's New from Parabola: November 2020

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Automate complex, custom data workflows

Build, document, and share your first Flow today.

As the end of 2020 is quickly approaching, our whole team is heads down working to make steps even easier and more intuitive to use, improve the early experiences for new customers, and supplement all of that work with revised, consolidated educational resources to help all customers get more out of Parabola (more to come on this one very soon!).

Improved, lightning-fast data search

Many of our customers work with large data sets in Parabola and scrolling through thousands of columns and millions of rows is not fun. We addressed that by improving our search. Now you can search column names and cell values seamlessly. We'll focus you in on the columns and rows that contain what you're looking for, but you can always expand columns and rows if you need more context.

Steps that are obvious, easy, and simple to use

We know that Parabola steps are core building blocks in Parabola, so we want them to be delightful to use. Our team has been hard at work updating over 20 steps in the past few weeks, and we're not done yet! We've announced all the specific step updates in our Community if you want to learn more.

Edit your flows without fear. Update the live version when ready.

We made it easier to see the version of your flow that is actively running so you can easily track down any issues. We also streamlined the ability to edit the draft version of your flow, so that you don't interrupt the active version until you're done editing. After many conversations with our customers, it's clear that this is more in line with the way they think about editing and running their flows.

Onboarding that takes your lead

We overhauled onboarding to be a more integrated part of the product experience. We want onboarding to give new users more freedom to explore Parabola while providing relevant, contextual information if and when they need it. Onboarding can also now be revisited at anytime, in case customers need a refresher on using Parabola. If you share your Parabola invite link with a friend, they can experience our brand new onboarding!

We're pushing hard to wrap up 2020 with even more exciting and new updates. Keep an eye out for more to come shortly!

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