What's New this November from Parabola

November 16, 2021
The Parabola Team

We can't quite believe it's already November and the holidays are around the corner. 🍂 The team released some big product updates in the last few months that we want to share with you.

Made a mistake? Just undo it!

This required a much-needed technical overhaul of our Builder, and we couldn't be happier with the result. You can finally undo and redo changes as you build Flows! Any edits made during a session can be quickly reverted, using either keyboard commands or the forward/backward arrows. Our team keeps commenting that we can't remember what it was like to build Flows before this – we hope you feel the same way!

Pointing at undo/redo icons in the nav bar

Easier Flow sharing & simpler permissions

Sharing your Flows should be clear and simple. We upgraded a few things to make it easier to collaborate in Parabola with your teammates:

  • We simplified our Flow permissions. Flow collaborators can now be either Editors or Viewers. Editors can edit any part of a Flow, including sharing or deleting the Flow itself. Viewers get read-only access to the entire flow, and can't make any edits.
  • We made sharing more obvious and easy to manage. You can review or change who has access to a Flow, at any time, by clicking the "Share" button at the top of the builder navigation bar.
Gif of opening the "Share Flow" modal and updated a user's permission from Viewer to Editor

All easily accessible from our updated nav bar

Finally, to support both of those updates just described, we refreshed and reorganized the Flow builder navigation bar. It's designed to make building faster, more clear, and more collaborative.

Screenshot of the updated nav bar

Over the next few months, we hope to make Parabola a more powerful place to work together with your team. Here's a preview: you'll finally be able to organize your Flows page... (And easily share with your entire team.)