JSON Flattener

JSON Flattener

Flattens a JSON object into key-based columns

Flatten JSON blobs into columns

Use this object to flatten nested JSON data contained in any number of columns. This is useful when paired with the API Import, as some data may still be in a JSON format after being imported. The result will be a 2 dimensional table representation of your JSON data

The flattener will generate new columns to accommodate the nested values, so be aware that this has the potential to create a large number of columns.

If your JSON blob is an [Array], then you will want to use the second option in the settings after first flattening it. The second option allows you to expand lists into new rows, which is the best way to deal with an [Array].

Further reading on JSON

If this is still confusing, or you if want more in depth information, read our in-depth doc on using JSON in Parabola!

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