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Complete address with Google Maps

The Complete address with Google Maps step creates a column with Google Maps address information and standardizes the format of your addresses, completes partial addresses, finds zip codes, or finds addresses for landmarks to businesses.


Data connected to this step works best when it is in the shape of a column filled with locations, names, or any other possible Google Maps search result. In our example screenshot below, we have a table with a single column called "Landmarks"  that has names of a few landmarks.

The resulting output, after using this Complete address with Google Maps step, is a new column autofilled with location information from Google Maps.

Custom settings

In the Address Column dropdown, select the column that has the location data you'd like Google Maps to search.

Next, in the Convert to dropdown, select how you'd like Google Maps to return the data as. You can choose between Full Address (if applicable) or simply the Zip Code.

If you check the box of "Default to Original", your new address column will use the reference column as the result if there are no address details found in Google Maps. If you'd rather  the result to be blank, then you may leave the box unchecked.

Lastly, give your new column a name in the New Column Name field.

Helpful tips

  • This step will only run a maximum of 1,000 rows per step.