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Billing and pricing

In this article, we'll cover how to update your subscription plan, how to update your payment method, and provide additional explanation about our pricing model.

Updating your subscription and your payment method

You can update your subscription and payment method at any time, directly from the Billing page. To navigate to the Billing page, click on the avatar icon in the top right corner and click "Billing" from the dropdown.

Upgrading and downgrading your subscription

On the Billing page, navigate to the "Current Plan" panel, select the blue "edit" link. This will pop open a window where you can move the dial along our available subscription plans to change your plan.

Once you've selected the plan that meets your needs, click on the blue button to "Change Plan". If you're moving from our free plan to a paid plan for the first time, it will prompt you for credit/debit card information we should charge. If you already have a saved payment method, we will automatically prorate the charge on our end and either issue a balance or charge a prorated amount on your saved card.

Updating your payment method

You can also change your stored payment method at any time by clicking on the blue "edit" link next to the "Subscription" panel.

Pricing Overview

We have a lot of information on our pricing page to guide you in figuring out which subscription plan will meet your needs. Parabola's pricing uses a credit system based on usage. The plan that you select gives you a monthly credit allowance for you and your team members to use. Each time you run a flow, some credits will be used. You have access to all the features, like scheduling, and can have as many draft flows as you need.

There are two things that go into calculating how many run credits you'll need per flow every month:

1. Which step in your flow has the highest number of rows? This will be your maximum row count that calculates how many credits that flow will use to run once.

2. How many times do you run that flow every month?

You would then multiply the # of credits based on your maximum row count by the # of times you run that flow every month. You'd want to do this calculation for each of your flows to figure out how many total run credits you'll need every month.

Here are other helpful things to remember:

  • The amount of run credits used by a run gets calculated each time a flow runs. So, a flow can run one time and use 1 credit, and run another time and use 4 credits if your maximum number of rows has changed between the first run and the second run.
  • There are no limits to the number of flows or the number of team members you can have on your account.
  • When you run out of credits, you will still be able to use Parabola to build and modify flows. Your scheduled flows and webhook-triggered flows will be paused until your next billing cycle starts, and you will not be able to run any flows manually. Once your billing cycle has restarted, your paused flows will resume, and you will have the full capabilities of Parabola back!
  • You can always upgrade to a larger plan at any point in the month to get more credits. When you upgrade, you will be immediately charged a prorated amount for the partial billing cycle period that you are going to be using the new plan.
  • Whenever a flow is run, you can see how many max rows were processed and how many run credits it used. In the image below, 1,242 max rows were processed and 2 run credit were used. This is because any run where between 500 - 5,000 max rows are processed costs 2 run credits. This means that in all the different steps of that flow, a maximum of 1,242 rows was processed.

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