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Combine columns

The Combine columns step combines data from two or more columns into a single column separated by a specified character.

This step can serve a lot of different purposes, though it is especially useful for creating lists inside of a single cell, which can help with transferring complex data or creating lists to search against for avoiding duplicates.

(Please note: Combine columns step used to be named  Column merge.)


Let's say we need to combine the data from our columns "Product" and "Size" to create a new column called "Product Label" for easy label creation. The Combine columns step is how we'll achieve this.

Our input data has two separate columns "Product" and "Size".

After using the Combine columns step, we have a new column called "Combined: Orders" where  values from the columns "Product" and "Size" were merged while separated by a comma.

Custom settings

Once you've connected your flow's most recent step to this one, open up the Combine columns step window and under New Column Name, type the name you'd like your new column to be.

Then, under Merge These Columns, select two or more columns from your original data that you'd like to merge.

After that, expand Advanced Settings if you want to set a custom delimiter. Our example sets the delimiter to a comma and space  ", "  which will be placed in between the data from the "Product" column and the data from the "Size" column. If no delimiter is inputted, the step will default to merging the data in the columns with no comma or space in between.

If necessary, you can also check the box next to "Add delimiter after blank values". This is powerful if you're trying to create a JSON array or object and it's important that each object or array has the same number of commas, separating all column values including blank ones.