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Run another Parabola flow

The Run another Parabola flow step gives you the ability to trigger runs of other Parabola flows within a flow.

Custom settings

Select the flow you want to trigger during your current flow's run. No data will pass through this step. It's strictly a trigger to automatically begin a consecutive run of a secondary flow.

The trigger for the next flow is determined by the step's relative position with regard to other steps. If this step is by itself with no inputs, it will trigger the other flow to run as soon as the current flow is ran. If this step is the fifth step in a flow (with the fourth step connected), your secondary flow will be triggered after the first four steps have completed calculating. If you'd like to trigger another flow at the conclusion of your current run, you can connect your final export method (ie. last step in your flow) to this step.

Helpful tips

  • It can be beneficial or necessary to split large and complex Parabola flows into multiple pieces. In order for your data to processed correctly, you may need a flow to run exactly after another flow. In this case, you can add the Run another Parabola flow step destination after the last step of your flow, and have it trigger the next flow in your sequence.