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Managing a Flow

Learn how to manage your flow.

There are lots of things you can do when it comes to managing your flow. We'll cover all of them below:

  • Renaming your flow
  • Adding a description to your flow
  • Deleting your flow
  • Turning on summary emails
  • Duplicating your flow

Renaming your flow

You can rename your flow from the canvas by clicking into the current name of your flow. Or, rename it from your flows page by selecting the caret icon dropdown menu, clicking Settings, and typing into the Flow Name field.

Adding a description to your flow

Adding a description for your flow can be a great way of keeping your flows by summarizing what each flow does. This can be particularly useful if you're collaborating on flows with multiple team members.

To write a flow description, go to your flows page, select the caret icon for the dropdown menu, and select "Settings". Enter the description you'd like in the Description field and click "save".

Deleting your flow

To delete a flow, you can either select the caret icon for the dropdown menu and select delete in both the flow canvas (Editor mode) or select the caret icon from your flows page and select "Delete".

Turning on summary emails

By default, summary emails are turned off for successful runs, but Parabola will always email you for partial or total failed runs. To enable summary emails for successful runs, visit your flows page, locate the flow you want summary emails for, select the caret icon for the dropdown menu, and select "Settings". Enable the toggle for "Send a summary email after every run". Don't forget to click "save"!

The summary email will send right after your flow runs. Check your email inbox to locate an email from with the subject line, "Parabola run succeeded 👍".This email will contain flow details like your flow name, link to the flow, and flow run ID, export details like locations, step methods, and amount of rows sent.

Duplicating your flow

One way to duplicate a flow is to go to your flow page and select the caret icon to the right of your flow name for the dropdown menu. In the dropdown menu, select Duplicate to create a copy of your flow.

A second way to duplicate your flow is to do so while in the "Editor" tab by selecting this same caret icon to the right of the flow name.

To copy or duplicate just a portion or branch of your flow, hold down the shift key + click onto the canvas + drag a rectangle around them, copy them (Command/Control + C), then paste them into another flow canvas by clicking Command/Control + V. You may also highlight your flow's steps by clicking on the individual steps while holding down the shift key.