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Find min/max per row

The Find min/max per row step calculates the minimum or maximum value across a range of columns.


Our input data shows how many items we sold on a given day.

After we connect our data to this step, it produces an output with a new column to the right-side called "Most Sold in a Day". The values displayed in this column are the max values sold during any day of that week.

Default settings

This step will automatically generate an "Untitled" column after data is connected to it.

Custom settings

In the left-side toolbar, first choose in the Operation dropdown menu whether the results are the min or max.

Then choose the columns to run the operation on by selecting ones for Range Begin and Range End.

After this, name your new column and click Show Updated Results at the bottom to save.

There is an advanced settings menu that you can expand. The setting is pre-selected to "Prefer numbers" when running your operation. You can deselect this option, but we recommend leaving it on.

Your table will now have a column appended to it at the end, displaying the min or max value per row (between all columns included in a selected range)!