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A high-level overview of automating with Parabola

A high-level overview of automating with Parabola

This video provides a high-level overview of how to use and how to think in Parabola. Here's what we'll cover:

1. Steps: how we get data in and out of Parabola and actually work on that data
2. The canvas: where we add and arrange steps
3. How to run a flow manually and automatically.

There are full videos on each of these topics later in the series if you're interested in diving deeper.

Let's jump in.

Automations built in Parabola are called flows and they look like a flowchart. Each step in the flowchart accomplishes a single task, like importing data into Parabola or running a find and replace. When we want to do something to our table of data, we add a step to do it.

The first step to working in Parabola is getting data in. We use import steps to pull data into Parabola: Google Sheets, Shopify, Webflow...it all works. Data shows up in Parabola in tables. For those that spend a lot of time working in spreadsheets, this should feel familiar. Each step performs some sort of action on the table of data that we give it, such as removing rows renaming columns or counting unique values.

Steps live on the canvas. The canvas is large and we can move around it. Steps can be added, removed, and moved around the canvas to build a flow. Arrows pass tables of data from one step to another. We control where data flows by connecting and disconnecting the arrows.

When we build a flow in parabola, the final step is to publish it. After publishing the flow, it can be run manually or on a schedule. When running, flows always pull the most updated data right from the source.

That's the high level. Automations in Parabola are flows with steps that describe what will be done to the data and where the data should go when the flow finishes. If you'd like to learn more about any of these topics, stick around for the rest of this series.

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