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Automatically email customers whose orders are delayed in shipment
It's frustrating for everyone when items don't arrive on schedule — but communication is key. This Parabola flow shows how you can easily notify customers when their shipments are delayed, turning a moment of dismay into a moment of delight.
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Custom analysis and actions for order data
There are a variety of options out there for small businesses looking to put their products on the internet for the first time. Getting products out there on the web is an achievement in its own right, but as the orders start rolling in you'll want to take the next step: engaging with customers and crunching data. That's where Parabola comes in. Our generic API connector steps work with most ecommerce storefronts, and makes it easy to analyze, act and react based on things that happen in your store.
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Create a top-selling items page in your Shopify store
Just show me the top sellers! That's a common refrain from ecommerce shoppers. After all, there can be wisdom in crowds. Unfortunately for Shopify sellers, a top-sellers page isn't available out-of-the-box. Don't worry, Parabola is here to help. This example shows how you easily build a top sellers page, all without writing a single line of code.
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Generate tasks for your team based on products in your Shopify store
Managing an ecommerce storefront is hard work! As your store grows, even keeping track of what work needs to be done could become a challenge. This example will showcase a few different pieces of functionality: fetching products from a Shopify store with Parabola's API Import, filtering for products that lack images or descriptions, clustering those products into different buckets of tasks, and generating an email to two different employees who are responsible for each.
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