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Email marketers are using Parabola to automate list cleaning, manage custom drip campaigns, and customize messaging based on seniority data.

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Cleaning and de-duplicating email lists

This example shows how you might clean a list of email addresses, ensuring they are all formatted correctly (with an '@' symbol, and no '+' extensions). We also show how to quickly remove duplicates!

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Customize messaging based on seniority data

In 2019 it should come as no surprise to you to hear that targeted messages perform better. But segmenting email lists can be tedious — manually copying each email and pasting job function data back into Excel? No thanks. This example shows how you can use a service like Clearbit to enrich your mailing list with job functions and more precisely target certain users with custom messaging.

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Create and manage a custom email drip campaign

Parabola can function as an end to end drip campaign solution. This example shows a simple implementation: we read from a Google Sheet with intended recipients messages, check against a list of who received what message when, and drop relevant notes in the mail. Then we update the records in Google Sheets so that the program can run repeatedly without issue.

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Clone batches of old emails and update copy, subject lines, and more

It can be tedious to write completely new copy each time you want to launch a new campaign. Parabola makes it simple to clone old emails so that you don't have to start from scratch. Our find-replace step supports regular expressions, so you can construct complex substitution logic so that in the end, whats old will read like its new again.

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