Receive a weekly sales summary email

Whether you use Hubspot, Salesforce, or Airtable, you have all of this valuable data in your CRM. Don't you wish you could take that valuable information and send it to other services, like Slack, email, and Google Sheets? Me too. With Parabola, you can build simple (or complex!) logic on top of your CRM and have it automatically send important information to other services.

In the example provided below, we show you how to send a weekly email of deals closing next week to make sure you can stay on top of them. This is just one example, but the power of Parabola allows you to build any type of logic you can imagine with all of the services you know and use. Maybe you'd prefer to send this weekly message to a Slack channel. Maybe you want every account executive to get their own personalized version of this email with only their upcoming deals. Or maybe you want to use different logic for which deals to highlight. It's all possible in Parabola. Let us know if you need help getting started!

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Connect to your CRM

The first, and sometimes most difficult step, is getting your data into Parabola. Don't worry, we're here to help, and the smart money says you're going to be successful.

Our generic API connector step works with a huge variety of e-commerce platforms; the hard part is just finding the documentation and getting connected. In this example we demonstrate connecting to the Squarespace Commerce API, but you can click here to find a template for connecting to your preferred provider.

The Squarespace Commerce API is pretty easy to use. We drag out an API Import step and plug in the appropriate url: Next you'll need to create an API key by following the instructions on this page. You use this API key in Parabola by creating clicking 'Add Custom Header.' The header key is 'Authorization', and the header value is 'Bearer YOUR_TOKEN.'

Process your CRM data

Once your data is in Parabola, you can use the following transforms to clean and process your list:Want to aggregate transactions per product?

–We only care about opportunities that are closing next week, so we use the Date Comparison and Row Filter transformations to select for the right data.

–We use the Text Merge transformation to include account name and the amount associated with the deal.

–We Group By close date, which allows to aggregate information by day.

Export your ✨ newly cleaned ✨ data

Before sending the email, we add a column that includes the recipient email address (in this case, my personal email address) and we filter to only include the right week's data. Lastly, we use the Send Emails step to send!

Schedule your flow!

You can schedule this flow to run every Monday (or whenever you'd like!). After you hit Publish, use the scheduler to choose how often you'd like this to send. In our case, we're looking at the following week's data, so it makes sense to just run the flow once per week.

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Parabola Flow Scheduling
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