Parabola's drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to automate data cleaning tasks yourself

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Attach zip codes to street addresses using the Google Maps API
Parabola makes it easy to leverage third party APIs to clean up your address & location data. In this example, we show how you can use the Google Maps API to quickly append zip codes to a list of addresses.
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Extracting product names, SKUs, descriptions from a list of items
We've all been there: your supplier sends a list of new inventory but hasn't formatted the file correctly. Product names, SKUs, and descriptions are all jumbled together. Then they do it again the next week! Parabola makes it easy to clean that data and more importantly, clean it again next week. You can use this example to design your flow once and never clean data manually again.
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Separate first names and last names
In this example, we show how you can use Parabola to extract first names and last names from a file where they have been all mixed together. Our Name Parser step makes performing tasks like this a breeze. Not only can you extract first names and last names, you'll make short work of salutations, suffixes, and addresses as well!
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Cleaning and deduplicating email lists
This example shows how you might clean a list of email addresses, ensuring they are all formatted correctly (with an '@' symbol, and no '+' extensions). We also show how to quickly remove duplicates!
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Finding differences or similarities across multiple lists
This simple example shows how you can deduplicate across two or more list of items using Parabola's list-contains step.
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