Attach zip codes to street addresses using the Google Maps API

Addresses can be fickle business. Street or St? Fl. 4, Fourth Floor, or Floor 4? Typos abound. ZIP+4, or just plain old zip codes?

Fortunately, Parabola offers a rich toolkit for cleaning, manipulating, and generally making short work of messy address data. Dedupe lets you trim extra addresses for the same person or business, find-replace lets you unify how you refer to certain concepts, and column rename lets you prep the data for ingestion by another finicky system.

In this example, we look at how you can use Parabola to append zip codes to street addresses using the Google Maps API. It's important to stress up front that Parabola is super flexible when it comes to where your source data lives, how it's formatted, and where it needs to go afterwards: that's the magic! The linked example will show one particular way of getting this done, but the ways it can be adjusted to suit your own work are practically endless!

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Get your data into Parabola

Let's just be clear on this from the start: if your data is on a computer somewhere, you can probably get it into Parabola. We directly integrate with twenty commonly-used services and we also support CSV/Excel file uploads, but true power lies in our generic API Import step: this step lets you connect to just about any web service with a standard REST API. We're pretty confident you'll be able to plop your data into Parabola, and if you have any trouble you can always reach out on Intercom (the chat thing on our site). Brian is waiting for your questions.

The Google Maps API

What's an API? Don't worry, we have a whole section of our docs that helps with that. But in this case, we're going to call the Google Maps API (like, call them on the phone) for every record in our data set and annotate those records with data that Google sends back (write down what they said).

💡 We said: 1937 Crest Line Drive. They said: 98229 (the zip code). Easy!

In this case, Parabola will add the zip codes as another column in your data, and from there you can do whatever you want with it. If you'd prefer, we can also fetch the full, properly formatted address from Google so that you eliminate any inconsistencies in your address formatting.

This step is currently restricted to 1000 rows, but if you need more than that drop us a line and we'll see what we can do.

Lets get your data where it needs to go

Now you're probably going to want to send your data somewhere else, right? We knew it.

We made it as easy to get data out of Parabola as it is to get data in. We're directly connected to fifteen external services (and also CSV + Excel downloads), but again the power lies in our generic API Export. We made a list of all the services that definitely play nice with our API Export, and have little snippets you can copy to get started. As a last resort, there's always Brian.

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