Cleaning and deduplicating email lists

So you finally got that list of emails, from Hubspot, Salesforce, or just a CSV or Excel file. You think to yourself, "Wahoo! I'm done." but then you look at the data and you notice there are duplicates...lots of them. 😱 As you look closer, you see that many of the email addresses are formatted incorrectly. 😱 Maybe it's a list of 100 emails. Or maybe it's 10,000. Either way, you know your time is better spent elsewhere than manually going through the list and correcting every entry and removing duplicates. Well, you've come to the right place.

Parabola makes this type of work easy. We've provided high-level instructions below as well as an example that will show you how to clean and deduplicate your email lists. The provided example is just one way of accomplishing this, but as you design your own Parabola flow, you can change the sources (i.e pull information in from somewhere else), manipulate the data further (i.e. join it to your Salesforce data and pull in customer information), and change export (i.e. save it to your Dropbox).

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▶️ Upload your data into Parabola

Parabola supports CSV and Excel file uploads or we can directly integrate with commonly used services, like Salesforce, Hubspot, Google Sheets, and Airtable.

–To import data from a CSV or Excel, use the CSV File or Excel File steps (found in Sources).

–To import data from one of those services, use the API Import step (found in Sources).

–Use the Table Merge transform if you have multiple email lists that you want to combine.

✉️ Clean and process email addresses

Once your data is in Parabola, you can use the following transforms to clean and process your list:

–The Dedupe transform removes or combines rows with a duplicate value (i.e. email address).

–The Name Parser transform splits a name field into its constituent parts, i.e. first, middle, last, etc.

–If you want to get fancy, you can use the Find & Replace transform to make sure the email addresses are formatted correctly. In the provided example, we use regular expressions (regex) to make sure the email addresses are correctly formatted and remove ones that aren't.

Export your ✨ newly cleaned ✨ data

Now you're probably going to want to send your data somewhere else, right? We knew it. In the provided example, we export (and import) data from Google sheets! We made it as easy to get data out of Parabola as it is to get data in. We're directly connected to fifteen external services (and also CSV + Excel downloads), but again the power lies in our generic API Export. We made a list of all the services that definitely play nice with our API Export, and have little snippets you can copy to get started. As a last resort, there's always Brian.

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