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Automated update emails raise awareness of business indicators. Use Parabola to automatically summarize metrics and fire off custom emails or Slack messages.

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Weekly ARR Summary

You know how important it is to stay on top of financial metrics. So do we. We built a simple flow that calculates ARR using Stripe data and sends a weekly email summary.

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Weekly summary of active user growth

It's important to stay on top of your most important metrics. In this example, we build a simple flow that pulls your weekly active user metric from Amplitude (as well as growth rate) and sends a weekly email summary.

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Intercom customer engagement summary

You use Intercom to engage with customers. But it's hard to stay on top of this channel: Is it growing in usage? Are our customers actually using this channel? This simple flow tells you how many users reached out via Intercom in the last day and posts a daily message to Slack with a summary!

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Daily Shopify sales summary

It's a lot of work to run an e-commerce business. And staying on top of metrics can sometimes fall by the wayside with so many other things on your plate. This flow helps you stay on top of your most important business metrics – it's a simple way to get a summary of the last 24 hours of sales from Shopify. You can set this to run everyday so it's easy to stay informed about how your business is performing.

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