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Compare and contrast multiple data tables

Quickly create a table of differences or similarities between two other tables. Combine lists or remove any entries in one list that exist in another.

 Compare and contrast multiple data tables

Do you need this flow?

This is a simple flow created to showcase how even simple Parabola flows can cut down on large amounts of manual work. This flow is useful when you have multiple lists or tables, and you need to know how they overlap, or what data exists in one table but not in the other. Traditionally, this can get tedious in spreadsheet software, and is difficult to do on a recurring basis.


This flow can be used as a component in larger flows for some powerful data filtering. For example, if you have a do not contact list, you can use the this list contains object to remove any new users on your email list who match the do not contact list emails as they come in, on a schedule. Automatically finding matches between two lists is also useful for alerting your team when high value leads sign up.

How the flow works

This flow uses the list contains object configured with “not contains” activated, and finds the entries in table two that do not exist in table 1.

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