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Accessing CoinMarketCap, Bittrex, and GDAX API data

Pull in data from various cryptocurrency using their public API endpoints

Accessing CoinMarketCap, Bittrex, and GDAX API data


Cryptocurrency exchanges produce a lot of useful data, but it is usually not saved by them in historical tables, nor is it easy to access without writing code. Data from these exchanges can be used to calculate cryptocurrency trading taxes, historical trends, or current price for algorithmic crypto trading. You could spend the time to write a script and host it somewhere to run on a schedule, or you could let Parabola take care of that for you.


With Parabola, you can access public endpoints, such as those provided by CoinMarketCap and Bittrex. You can also access the authenticated API for GDAX using our integration to pull in trade data for your own account. This recipe is to illustrate how you can set up endpoints to pull into Parabola via the Remote Import object. Some of the responses from these API's require a top level key to actually flatten the data into a table. Examples are provided in the flows, and keys can be seen in the API docs on the exchange's website. Our built in GDAX integration allows you to bring in personal transaction history via their API.

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