Enrich contacts, leads, and customers with Clearbit without code

Use Clearbit without knowing code to enrich email addresses or domains and create profiles on your leads. Segment them for more effective campaigns.

Enrich contacts, leads, and customers with Clearbit without code

Do you need this flow?

If you have emails or company domains for your leads and customers, and you want some more useful information about them, then this flow can be a winner for you. Clearbit is a service that, among other things, will return a lot of useful information based off of emails or company domains (websites). One of the issues with using Clearbit is that its driven by their API, and they do not have a web interface. So if you want to use it, you better know how to code, or employ someone who does.

With Parabola, you now do not need to know how to code to take advantage of Clearbit and set up a custom implementation of it to enrich your data.


Clearbit data enrichment can improve email engagement, boost signups, streamline prospecting, and increase upsells. Data on customers has been shown to be valuable to teams and businesses, so this flow lets your take advantage of that. The downfall of Clearbit for many people is that they either need to know how to code, or they need to rely on services that have built in integrations with Clearbit. The integrations are nice, but they don’t give you any control, which can be frustrating. The full list of data returned by Clearbit can be seen in their docs.

For example, lets say you have an email list with names and companies for your leads. If you are not sure if the company listed is up to date, you could use Clearbit (continuously) to check what company that email address is associated with. When those results are returned, most integrations will not let you replace old data with the new clearbit data, if it was returned. That’s when you would need to bring in the engineers. But with Parabola, you can pass your email list through Clearbit, and then check if a new company was returned, and if it was, replace the old one with the new one. With 3 Parabola objects, you now have a custom Clearbit integration that can run on a schedule in the cloud.

How the flow works

This flow takes a list of emails and names, enriches it with Clearbit, and then merges the old name field with new new one returned by Clearbit. Then it splits the names into their first and last name parts, and exports it, in this case, to Google Sheets.

First, the flow is expecting a list of name and emails, which in this case is a list from Mailchimp, but could be from any of our data sources. We remove the duplicate entries by looking at the email as the key, and filter down to only the email and name columns.

From here we are ready to enrich with Clearbit, so we number the rows, and filter down to a small amount to make sure that we do not go over our data limits with Clearbit during this example. The 20 rows are sent to Clearbit, and they come out with many more columns of additional data. In this example, we are only interested in a few, but you could keep as many or as little as you want using the Column Filter.

With this new data, it is easy to see that Clearbit has returned names that we were missing from our email list, so we should update them. Using an If/Else object, we set a few conditions. We create a new column called Full Name, and set it to be filled in with data according to these rules: If the old name column is blank, we will use the data in the Clearbit returned fullname column, otherwise we will use the data from the old name column. This creates the most complete list.

Now its just a matter of passing the full name column through the Name Parser object to break it up, and then export it to wherever the data is needed. By using a dynamic data source, we can set this flow to run every day to fill in our CRM with fresh data or to update fields that are important to us.

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