Merging, cleaning, and parsing email lists

Take disparate email data sets and combine them into a single source of truth automatically. Remove duplicates and parse names into usable parts.

Merging, cleaning, and parsing email lists

Do you need this flow?

In a perfect world, all of your leads’ emails come in through a single system that prevents redundancy and has the most up to data on each lead. Unfortunately, the majority of us live in an imperfect world, and have lead emails scattered all over the place. The form on the blog brings some in, others self qualify with a chat bot, some are manually entered from reps, and then there is that old email list that your CMO has been bugging you to reengage. If that scenario sounds familiar, then this flow can save some headache and cut down on mistakes.


The main benefit of this flow is to reconcile multiple lists of emails, removing duplicates (you could also merge them), appending additional data, and parsing out full names into their subsequent parts. This creates a much more usable list of names and emails, that won’t double email someone, or use their full name in a context where just the first name makes sense. This is a simple example, and in practice, flows that accomplish a similar task can be as simple or complex as you need.

How the flow works

The flow takes any number of list inputs, in this case it takes three Google Sheets imports, and uses a Table Concat object to stack the lists into a single list. It then removes any duplicates by looking at the email address. For a more comprehensive way to remove duplicates based on custom rules, check out this recipe.

Then, since we have a 4th sheet with company data for each email, we join in extra data with a join object, matching on the emails. With this complete list, we can pass it through a name parser object to extract specific parts of a name. The completed list is exported to Google Sheets. If the sources of your email lists are constantly updating, you can set this flow to run on a schedule, ensuring you always have the most up to date and accurate email list data.

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