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Send any data to Slack automatically

Get notified in Slack when important events happen, or receive periodic reports of critical data. Pull in data from any of our sources and use it to craft Slack messages.

Send any data to Slack automatically

Do you need this flow?

Slack is a ubiquitous communications tool, and if you use it, there is a good chance that you could get even more out of it with this flow.

From daily task reports to weekly weather forecasts to almost real-time sales alerts, this flow can generate and send messages from any data source that you have access to.


This flow combines the flexibility of Slack's messaging webhooks and interface with the flexibility of Parabola's data sources to create a slick system for getting nearly any data into Slack. Any data that you can pull into Parabola or create within Parabola can be sent to Slack as a message or series of messages.

How to use this flow

This example illustrates how to use a Slack webhook with our API Export to send a 7 day weather forecast for San Francisco.

At the end of your flow, the API Export, to send data to Slack, needs a single column called "text" that has a single message per row.

Inside the API Export, you need to set the "text" column to be sent as a String. It should be set to POST to the URL that slack provides you after setting up the Webhook integration here:

How the flow works

In this flow, data is pulled from a weather API. Then its formatted, and filtered to result in a text column with a row for each of the next 7 days of forecast. You can schedule this flow to run every morning to get the weather forecast.

Screen Shot 2018-11-27 at 3.44.26 PM

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