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Square credit card sales summary

Track the daily credit card sales at each of your business locations using Square for payment processing.

Square credit card sales summary

Do you need this flow?

If you use Square for payment processing, it is useful to know how different types of credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, etc.) are contributing to your sales.

In this flow, you can connect your Square account and see how many transactions and total sales occurred on each type of credit card over the past day as well as how many were approved and declined.

How the flow works

This flow uses one or multiple Square sources to import data about each business location's transactions. It then merges the data from each location into one table and filters for only the transactions that occurred the previous day and were on a credit card. Then it separates into 3 branches, one filtering for approved transactions, one for declined transactions, and one for all transactions. It uses grouping and arithmetic to determine the number of transactions and total sales that occurred on each type of credit card. Then it does a similar grouping to determine the same values for each location overall. Again, it does a similar grouping to determine the values across all locations and finally orders the data into a nicer format and imports location details from Square to include the location's name in the export.

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