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Square Items Report

Build a custom report based on Square's dashboard items report to be sent to you on a schedule. Define which fields you need and which you don't, and add custom data from other sources.

Square Items Report

Do you need this flow?

As a Square merchant, the default reports may not give you an accurate picture or your business - as you may need unique values or specific filtering based on your business. With this flow, you start out with a close replica of the Items Report.


Using a Parabola flow to generate this Square report gives you the freedom to design and tweak the report to fit your exact needs. On top of the customization, you can also schedule this data to be sent to your email, a dashboard, or something like a Google Sheet. The flow gives you an overview of all the items sold in all transactions for a set period of time for any number of locations.

How the flow works

This flow pulls in all of your itemized transactions and refunds for a given time period, and for any locations. It then adds in additional location and employee data, and formats the report to give you a usable list of items sold and returned.

Working with refunds from the Square API

The Square API, at the moment, does not offer itemizations on refunds. That means that a partial refund will not be able to determine the items actually refunded. This flow attempts to take that into account by filling in Unknown for values that cannot be pulled from Square or inferred.

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