Tracking a post on Product Hunt with a dashboard

Track and analyze your post on Product Hunt for actionable insights, a nice dashboard, and automatic lists of users who engaged with your post.

Tracking a post on Product Hunt with a dashboard

Do you need this flow?

Product Hunt is a great place to launch a new product or large feature of an existing product, and get a lot of eyes on it. If you have had your product posted there before, then you know how important it is to measure the success of the the post, and keep track of actionable insights. Instead of focussing on tracking metrics of your post manually, you should be engaging with the commenters and reviewers on your post. Leave the tracking to this flow.


This flow tracks overall metrics on your post, such as posts and upvotes over time, as well as totals. Using Geckoboard, you can visualize these numbers and graphs, and display it on a TV or large monitor to keep your team updated. The flow also uses Google’s machine learning based sentiment analysis to chart the positivity or negativity of the comments on your post. By scheduling this flow to run often during your launch, you can keep real time tabs on how the PH community is receiving your product. Finally, this flow also exports the twitter handles of all of the upvoters (could do commenters too) on your post, and formats them so that you can easily follow up with them later.

How the flow works

The flow uses two Product Hunt imports to bring in the upvote data and the comment data for a post. Simply copy the URL from PH over to Parabola. You will need a Product Hunt account to pull this data. The upvotes are tallied in one branch, filtered down to a time series in another, and formatted for export to Google Sheets in the middle branch, by appending the @ symbol.

The comments are passed through the Google sentiment analysis object, segmented by sentiment, and branched out into total comments, total votes on all comments, and a time series of sentiment labeled comments for graphing. The Geckoboard exports create datasets on your account that can be used to build visualizations.

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