Custom Reports with Wrike Data

Access the Wrike API and create custom task management reports by joining together different datasets and formatting it. Can be applied to any API

Custom Reports with Wrike Data
Interactive Example

What is Wrike?

Wrike is a popular and powerful project management tool. If you're unfamiliar with Wrike, check out their site here!

This flow is an example of how to connect to the Wrike API and use it to create some simple reports that may be impossible to create in Wrike itself. Use this flow as a launching point to create your own custom reports with Wrike data. The best part is that you can schedule your reports to be pulled at any frequency, and exported to any tool or your inbox.

Authenticating the Wrike API in Parabola

Importing data from the Wrike API is straightforward. All you need is an API endpoint URL, and your authorization information. If you have a token from Wrike for your API from version 3 of their API, those will work for V3 of their API, but not V4. Read about their migration here. If you are not using a token, as this example shows, you will need to use OAuth 2.0 - so read about that here.

How to automatically acess the Wrike API

This flow pulls in timelogs from Wrike, and then joins usernames and category names onto the data to make it more readable. That data is then grouped into the total time spent on each type, as well as by each user on each day. Along with the raw data, everything is exported to a Google Sheet.

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