Create an archive for Airtable in Google Sheets

Create an archive of an Airtable base by combining multiple tables together, formatting the data, and exporting it to Google Sheets.

Create an archive for Airtable in Google Sheets

Making an Airtable archive with Parabola

In this example, we start out by pulling in content from the 'People' and the 'Work' tables using Parabola's Airtable import. We join employees with the work they have been assigned using our Join step, then bring in the 'Customers' table to sync up employees' work with the current status of those customers. Finally, we bring in the 'Tracking' table to see how far along each of those deals is.

Along the way we clean up and organize the data using a variety of handy Parabola steps: Column Rename, Column Filter, and Column Reorder. All those steps do exactly what they it sounds like they do, and best of all they do it repeatedly, so you define the procedure once, and Parabola will take care of it on your behalf forever.

Finally, we export the compiled data to Google Sheets!

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