Browser history analysis

Download and analyze your Chrome browsing history.

Google offers you the ability to download your data at That's great, but frankly, they make it pretty inaccessible: the file it creates is JSON data. Luckily, you can read in that file with Parabola and analyze the results.

This example was built by one of our users and allows you to read in your browsing history and gives you a ton of really interesting insights.

Browser history analysis

Working with Google data

In order to get the data you need to do this analysis, head over to and download your Chrome history. We recommend you deselect everything else for now to speed up the process.

Working with this flow

This flow might look a little scary as it's doing a lot! But, to get started with this flow, you only need to follow these two steps (after downloading your data from Google!):

  1. Replace the JSON file in the first step of the flow with your browser history file from Google names the file BrowserHistory.json.
  2. Authenticate Google Sheets (the very last step in the flow) to allow you to save the insights to a Google Sheet.

Below is an example analysis from this flow, which lists common pairings of websites you visit, e.g. Mixpanel + Parabola or Google + Linkedin.


Let the Parabola team know if you have any questions! They're happy to help you get started so you can build your own flows like this one :)

Also, if you want to read more about how and why I made this, you can check out a Q&A here.