Clean an email lead list

Clean and process a list of leads in Parabola. Rather than doing this manually in Excel or Google Sheets, define it once in Parabola and reuse over and over again!

Clean an email lead list

Hi! I'm the CEO of Parable. We work with companies to help their employees understand their total compensation. As part of my responsibilities, I spend a ton of time reaching out to prospective customers. Before using Parabola, I was manually going through a list of leads every Monday for ~45 minutes to clean and process the list. It was time-consuming and mindless work, but I had to do it. I found Parabola and built a flow to automate this processing and now I get those 45 minutes back each week. This was super useful for me, so I wanted to share with the Parabola community!

The flow is simple:

  • Pull your lead list
  • Filter out columns you don't need
  • Filter out rows with missing data (like email)
  • Use the Find/Replace function to remove text. For example, I want to reference company name in my emails using merge tags, but I don't want things like ", inc." so I use Find/Replace to remove those.
  • Use the List Contains step to make sure we're not emailing someone we've emailed before. I use "not contains."
  • Lastly, I dedupe and send myself the cleaned CSV. I also append these emails to Google Sheets where I store the full list of people I've emailed to make sure, in the future, I don't send another email to these folks.

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