Attribute customer support work across Front and Stripe

Combine Front customer and communication analytics with Stripe subscription data to get a full picture of your team's performance.

Attribute customer support work across Front and Stripe

Do you need this flow?

Are you responding to your highest value customer quickly? Are you spending too much time on low value accounts?

Front is an efficient tool for combining all of your team's communication channels. But just because your team is efficiently responding via any communication channel does not mean that they are prioritizing how much time they spend on each contact. Stripe offers a way to quantify how much time your team should be spending on certain accounts, as well as how fast their messages should be replied to. Augment Front's own powerful analytics and data with Stripe data to round out your view of team performance.


This flow introduces the idea of combining Stripe data with Front data. Both sources offer a large amount of useful data that can be joined together via email addresses (or other custom values depending on how you have Stripe set up). Combine these two sources in many ways to create insightful metrics. Calculate the average response time for all of your customers on a certain Stripe plan, or track how many emails it takes to close a customer with a certain account value.

How the flow works

In this flow, Front data is joined to Stripe data with the Merge tables horizontally step. The key columns used to join the data contain email addresses, but could be any data found in both sources.