Combine upvote and profile data from Product Hunt

Pull in and combine Product Hunt Upvote and User Profile Data to power a Glide App.

Combine upvote and profile data from Product Hunt

Stay up on your upvotes.

First up, we use two Pull from an API steps to bring in JSON files containing Upvote and Profile data from Product Hunt. We get this data by using two Phantombuster API connections running on a schedule.

Once we have the data we filter out the data we don't need, reorder the columns and then join them together by the ID. Now we have some comprehensive data on each user, including Twitter URLS and Usernames.

As well as useful data, we also have some records that are missing data. Next, we filter these out so that we have no blank content inside of our final app.

The final transform step is to use the Insert column step to add ""https://"" to the front of the IMGUrl. This is removed by default by Product Hunt and will allow us to use the images inside of our final app.

Now that we have all of the data we need in a form that is complete, we now send that data into a Google Sheet which will power our Glide App.

Schedule this to run multiple times per day to keep the app data up to date.

Enjoy, and if you have any questions reach out to me on Twitter @tomosman or at

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For more information, check out Tom's thorough walkthrough on SlideShare.