Enrich your CRM leads

Parabola can help you add in extra information (or just fill out blank info) about your leads. Using Parabola, you can automatically pull in information about your leads, like job title, company, Linkedin profiles, and location to make sure the information is always accurate, relevant, and up-to-date. In the example provided below, we show you how to use the Clearbit API to add in Linkedin info, Twitter handle, and company location to your CRM.

Enrich your CRM leads

Process your CRM data

Add your data to Parabola! ✅

  • To keep the example simple and easy to understand, we filter only to a few columns we care about (first name, last name, and email) and rename them so they're easy to read.

Use Clearbit to enrich your data

In order to use Clearbit to enrich your data, you'll need to sign up for an account over at https://clearbit.com.

–Once you've done that, head over to https://dashboard.clearbit.com/api and copy your API key. Make sure not to share this with anyone who shouldn't have access to your account!

–Drag the Enrich with an API step to your flow. The API endpoint you're going to use is https://person.clearbit.com/v2/combined/find?email={email.value}, but you'll need to replace {email.value} with the column in your dataset that has email (and make sure to include the curly brackets at the end.

–For authentication, you'll select Bearer Token and in Bearer Token, you'll paste your API key from the Clearbit website.

You can use our API guide if this is confusing or feel free to reach out to us and we'll help you get started.

Export your ✨ newly enriched ✨ data

Clearbit gives us a lot of information! In our case, we only care about Twitter handle, company location, and Linkedin address so we use the Column Filter to get rid of the fields we don't need.

–Finally, we use the Send to HubSpot step to send our newly enriched data back to Hubspot! Done 😊