Customize messaging based on seniority data

In 2019, it should come as no surprise to you to hear that targeted messages perform better. But segmenting email lists can be tedious — manually copying each email and pasting job function data back into Excel? No thanks. This example shows how you can use a service like Clearbit to enrich your mailing list with job functions and more precisely target certain users with custom messaging.

Customize messaging based on seniority data

Hi! I'm Pablo Zulaica. Inspired by Tom Osman's tweet on how to build an Instagram Top 9 app using Parabola, Phantombuster, and Glide, I decided to make my own no code app that visually shows the most popular Instagram posts for a given set of profiles within a certain date range.

In my stack, I use Parabola to extract Instagram post data using Phantombuster's API and clean the data to export to Google Sheets, which is what I use to generate the content to show on my Glide app. I also use Parabola's Webhook Import step to launch the flow remotely and set the Instagram profile's parameters (number of posts and date range) for the data I want to extract.

Here's a quick summary of what else I did to make my app:

  1. Create an Instagram Post Extractor phantom
  2. Learn how to remotely launch it using Phantombuster's API (Documentation here.)
  3. Create this Parabola flow to launch the phantom and extract the outputted data
  4. Clean the data and export to Google Sheets using Parabola
  5. Use Parabola's Webhook Import step to launch the flow remotely and set the parameters for data extraction
  6. Create an app in Glide using data from the exported Google Sheet. This app is used to keep a record of the Instagram profiles the user wants to scrape and its scraping parameters. Your phantom uses this sheet to read the Instagram profiles you want to scrape
  7. Set up a zap in Zapier to monitor the Google Sheet's cells. This zap launches the Parabola flow through Parabola's Webhook Import step
  8. Set up another zap to check if the sheet as finished exporting the scraped results. It updates the status cell that the app uses to inform the user the scraping has been completed

I'm excited for you to use and customize this recipe for your own needs. Reach out to me on Twitter if you have any additional questions!

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