Daily Shopify sales summary

It's a lot of work to run an e-commerce business. And staying on top of metrics can sometimes fall by the wayside with so many other things on your plate. This flow helps you stay on top of your most important business metrics – it's a simple way to get a summary of the last 24 hours of sales from Shopify. You can set this to run everyday so it's easy to stay informed about how your business is performing.

Daily Shopify sales summary

This flow specifically demonstrates how to convert currency data that is held in your Webflow CMS. This flow could run as frequently as you want to keep your numbers up to date. Could be used to localize currency in an ecommerce site, or display cryptocurrency prices.

This flow pulls in data from the collection in Webflow, and at the same time pulls in the current exchange rate between the USD and GBP. The data is then joined, and the conversion calculation is performed. Followed by a little formatting, and the data is ready to go back to Webflow.


If you needed to apply different exchange rates to each row, you could use an API Enrichment step to pass each row to the conversion API, and make sure that each row is asking for its specific exchange rate. After that, the math part and on would be the same!


The API call is https://api.exchangeratesapi.io/latest?symbols=USD,GBP&base=USD

You can view the Webflow project here.

The actual site is here.

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