Deduplicate two lists

Avoid duplicating your effort just to deduplicate your data.

Deduplicate two lists

Data, it's everywhere. Literally.

Data is everywhere and it can get seriously messy. With Parabola's Find overlap step, you can deduplicate  your datasets from multiple sources in real time. Want to take your deduplication skills up to expert level? Parabola's "fuzzy" matching option enables you to match entries with minor, sometimes indiscernible differences. Slightly misspelled first names? No problem. Extraneous company name suffixes? Simple stuff in Parabola. Define your criteria once. It'll work until you tell it not to.

Give yourself a pat on the back, you shaved a few hours off your work week.

"Finding Parabola and seeing the potential is like a voice from the clouds - it's amazing."
- Geoffrey