Extract product names, SKUs, descriptions

It's easy to use Parabola to extract the parts of your data you need. In this example we take a look at how you can unpack a messy file where product names, SKUs and descriptions have all been jumbled together. Keep in mind that this example can be easily adapted to your needs, so don't worry if your data is formatted differently or lives somewhere else!

Extract product names, SKUs, descriptions

Extract the parts you care about

In our example here we've got a bunch of listing ids and product names, but they've been unfortunately merged together: 249568403/elegant-vintage-golden-locket-round. We can break them apart using Parabola's text extract step. The configuration for that is shown in the Extract text from column step screenshot, but put simply: we want to grab all text before the first '/' symbol.

Parabola will pull out the listing id 249568403 into its own column called 'Listing ID.' Cool, huh?

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