Custom Google Analytics ecommerce report

Go beyond what Google Analytics offers out of the box and create reports that are custom to your business. Link your advertising channel traffic to your transaction revenue in this custom ecommerce report.

Custom Google Analytics ecommerce report

Working with Google Analytics data

Google Analytics is a ubiquitous analytics tool. As good at is it, there is always something more that you need that it cannot accomplish. Sometimes the perfect Google Analytics report is not available, and that is where Parabola comes in. If you are not familiar with Google Analytics, follow this link.

Customize Google Analytics with Parabola

This flow is a proof of concept to show how to work with Google Analytics data on a basic level. It can be expanded to encompass as much or as little as you need! Connect to your Google Analytics account with our native integration, or with the Pull from an API step. If you do not find what you need in the Pull from Google Analytics step, then the Pull from an API step will be how you should connect to the GA API and retrieve the exact data that you need.

What this flow does

With this example flow, connect your transaction revenue to your web traffic channels to create a more complete view of how effective your marketing is. The flow pulls in Session data and Transaction data from Google Analytics, combines it, and creates a custom report of the most important values.