Manage your Webflow landing pages in Airtable

Make changes to your website while managing your project.

The recipe uses the API steps to connect to Webflow, but we now have a Webflow Import and Webflow Export! Be sure to use those steps to make this recipe even easier!
Manage your Webflow landing pages in Airtable

Why work in two different places when you can get everything done in one?

Use Parabola to connect your Webflow landing pages to your Airtable workspace. Aron, from Automate All the Things, shares a tutorial and immediately useable snippet for you to get started. Once you add this recipe to your flow, you only need to authenticate your Airtable account, connect the Pull from Webflow step, and setup the Send to Webflow step. Schedule your flow to run as often as you need and ensure that your website is always up to date.

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