Update your Webflow-powered careers site automatically

Consolidate where you manage your job data by merging your various systems to Parabola.

The recipe uses the API steps to connect to Webflow, but we now have a Webflow Import and Webflow Export! Be sure to use those steps to make this recipe even easier!
Update your Webflow-powered careers site automatically

Marius Ciocirlan, Co-Founder and CEO of ShareGrid, the largest and most trusted marketplace for creatives, was tired of managing his company's job data in 3 different systems, including Google Sheets and Zapier, so he built a full system that handles it all in Parabola. This recipe will show you how ShareGrid uses Parabola to:

1. Pull in job data from 2 different JSON feeds
2. Join the data together
3. Clean up "funky invisible characters"
4. Check if the data has already been posted in Webflow to ensure only new items get sent over.
5. Post items without needing to hit publish on Webflow.
6. Also check for items that have an expiration date and remove them directly from Webflow.

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