Analyze your Squarespace orders data

Access the Squarespace Orders API and create automated workflows that manage or report on your orders.

Analyze your Squarespace orders data

Retrieving your order data from the Squarespace API

Squarespace is a useful tool for creating websites, and creating templates to sell. Have you ever needed to pull your orders data from Squarespace? This flow has you covered. You can learn more about Squarespace here!

This simple flow illustrates how to connect to the Orders endpoint of the Squarespace API. This is useful for tracking your own revenue via Squarespace, or to track orders in any way you need.

Extract the data you want from JSON

In this example, we pull in orders, and filter for only those that are Pending. Notice how we use two Expand JSON steps. The first is to expand the Line Items array into a full list of all line items per order, and the second is to unpack a few JSON columns into normal, readable text.

You may notice that the Line Items column contains a JSON array of items - which makes sense, as an order could have any number of items in it. By using the Expand List into New Rows setting, you can turn each of those items into its own rows, and maintain the data from the other columns.

This flow filters the results for those orders that are still in the pending state.