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These are just a glimpse of what you can achieve with Parabola

Tables with if / else logic
Use if/else logic to automatically apply data labels or filter out new data as it comes in
Automatic multi-column sorting
Sort your data based on one or more rules.
Automatic find / replace
Find and replace one or more characters based on a set of rules.
Combining data (join)
Combine two data sets that share at least one common field/column.
Cleaning phone numbers
Clean phone numbers of unwanted characters, such as parentheses or plus signs
Summarizing data
Summarize data by grouping it into buckets based on one or more categories.
Automatically formatting numbers
Format numbers to round up or down, or to be displayed as currency
Concatenating columns
Join data points across multiple columns and insert characters between each entry
Finding the min or max of a table
Find the Min or Max of a data set to quickly summarize large reports
Decoding country codes
Decode international phone numbers to find the country that they correspond to.
Separating name fields
Split full name fields into their constituent parts (first, last, etc.) while taking into account middle names/initials, prefixes, suffixes, and other quirks.
Google geolocation
Use Google Geolocation to complete addresses and find zip codes
Accessing CoinMarketCap, Bittrex, and GDAX API data
Pull in data from various cryptocurrency using their public API endpoints
VLOOKUP with multiple criteria
Combine two data sets by matching across multiple columns for a more accurate join.
Automatic column splitting
Split columns into multiple pieces based on a delimiter.
Removing extra spaces
Automatically remove extra spaces from data points using the Find/Replace object
Deduping between two lists
Compare two lists and remove data from the first that exists in the second in order to prevent overlapping data.
Adding a sum column
Add a column to a table that sums all of the numerical cells in the same row. Useful for tabulating sales numbers or creating a balance sheet.
Automatic filtering
Filter rows based on one or more rules applied to any column
Removing extra zeros
Remove zeros from the beginning, middle, or end of data points using RegEx
Calculating growth rate
Easily calculate a growth rate across a range of numbers
Expanding state abbreviations
Expand or contract US state abbreviations to create addresses
Converting columns into rows
Convert rows with columns into multiple row entries, stacking all of the values into a single column.
Dedupe rows in a table
Remove duplicate rows from a table based on criteria that you supply. Choose how many duplicates to keep or merge duplicates.
Extracting words
Extract words from data that has unwanted characters using RegEx
Calculating running total
Calculate a running total of values within a column of a table
Converting date formats
Standardize dates into a single format
Mapping from another dataset
Add data to your dataset by pulling in additional data from an external data source.
Combining data by stacking tables
Combine two data sets that have all identical columns.
Scoring leads
Score prioritize and dedupe leads based on your own criteria to make sure you only get in contact with the highest probability leads at a given company.
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