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Using recipes

Parabola recipes are ready-to-use templates stuffed with best practices from ecommerce experts to help you get started quickly. You can use and customize these recipes to help get you up and running with a useful Parabola flow easily and quickly.

Where can I find Recipes?

You can view all of the available Parabola recipes here: We've grouped them by use cases and integrations for easy browsing.

Once you select a recipe, it will direct you to a page with more detailed explanation of how that recipe works. Clicking the blue button to "Customize this recipe" will place a copy of this templated flow directly in a new flow in your account.

We've also made some of the most popular recipes available directly from the Steps sidebar when you're actively building a flow. You can find these recipes under the "Explore recipes".

You can select a recipe and drag-and-drop it onto the canvas, much like you drag-and-drop an individual step onto your canvas.

Throughout these How To articles, you'll also see some of the most relevant recipes linked so that you can access all of our resources in one place!