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Use Parabola to merge, clean, sort, and enrich your data

Enriches people and company information with Clearbit data
Column Filter
Removes entire specified columns from the data
Column Merge
Merges multiple columns into one column using a specified character
Column Rename
Renames columns in the data
Column Reorder
Reorder columns in the data
Column Split
Splits a column into one or more columns based on a specified delimiter
Date Comparison
Find the difference between two dates
Date Formatter
Converts a column’s date values to a new format
Removes or combines rows with a duplicate value in a given column
Fill Down
Fills empty rows with the row above's value
Applies a set of find/replace rules to the incoming data
Google Maps
Converts address information using Google Maps API
Group By
Summarizes the data by one or more column values
Growth Rate
Calculates a growth rate from the previous row
Adds a conditional new column via "if" conditions
Input Switch
Makes it easy to toggle inputs without having to manually attach/detach them
JSON Flattener
Flattens a JSON object into key-based columns
Joins two or more tables based on a set of rules
List Contains
Finds matching or not matching rows between two tables
Evaluates arithmetic equations on columns
Finds either the min or max in each row between the specified columns
Name Parser
Splits a name field into its constituent parts (first, middle, last, etc.)
Number Format
Converts numbers to a desired format
Creates extra columns using the values of two columns
Row Filter
Removes entire rows that match the specified criteria
Row Lookup
Finds the index of the column the value is found in and appends it as a new column
Row Numbers
Adds sequential numbers to each row
Running Total
Calculates a vertical running total for each row
Scores each row based on specified criteria
Sentiment Analysis
Analyzes text for sentiment using Google Machine Learning API
Sorts the entire table based on the values in specified columns
Table Flip
Flips a table on its side
Table Merge
Merges multiple tables on top of each other
Text Casing
Convert text to a different case
Text Extract
Extracts a subset of text based on a matching character or offset
Unpivot (Line Items)
Combines multiple columns into a single column, adding their old headers to a Type column
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