Automatically push your data anywhere

Once data has passed through your flow, send it where you need it

Box Export
Exports CSV data to Box
CSV Export
Exports the connected data as a CSV file
Dropbox Export
Exports CSV data to Dropbox
Exports data to Geckoboard
Google Sheets Export
Exports data to Google Sheets
MySQL Export
Inserts or updates rows in a MySQL database
ParseHub Run
Initiate web scraping via ParseHub
Salesforce Export
Exports data to Salesforce
Automatically trigger emails from SendGrid
Twilio SMS
Send SMS messages using Twilio
Share a CSV export to a Slack channel. Coming soon!
Notify me
Push user data updates to Intercom. Coming soon!
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Update data in HubSpot. Coming soon!
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Update accounting data in Xero. Coming soon!
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