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Pull from Amazon Seller Central

Use the Pull from Amazon Seller Central step to pull in reports from Amazon Seller Central.

This step is currently offered to users on our Advanced Plan. Check out the Pricing Page for additional information.

In your builder, bring in the Amazon Seller Central step and Click on “Authorize Amazon Seller”. You will see a module pop-up prompting you to login to your Amazon Seller Central account.

Configuring your Settings

Select your Report Category to pull in the different categories. Additional details on Report Categories, such as the description, is located on Amazon’s Developer Documents.

There will be different Types of reports you can pull in based on the input selected in Report Category .

Your timeframe will default to the previous 1 month. We recommend pulling in data for the least amount of timeframe you need to minimize the time it takes to pull in the report.

Lastly, there will be Report Options which is available for some report types.

Helpful tips

Our step currently pulls from the Reporting API. If you’re looking for data from the Orders or Customers API, we recommend pulling from a report where this data exists.

There are two inventory types - Inventory and Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) Inventory. You may need to check both report types to find the dataset you need.

The Amazon Seller Central API can take up to an hour to return your report results. Unless necessary, we recommend setting the report to pull in the least amount of data needed for your Flow.

The timezone will be set to your browser’s timezone by default, and you can adjust the timezone if needed. Parabola will take your timeframe and timezone, then adjust it to UTC when requesting the report.

If you see a report that exists in your Amazon Seller Central that you don’t see in Parabola, let us know at!

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