Receive a weekly sales summary email

Whether you use Salesforce, Hubspot or Pipedrive, there's a ton of of valuable data in your CRM. This example shows how you can use Parabola to build powerful systems on top of the CRM data you already have.

Here we showcase a custom-built weekly email of deals closing during the next seven days. This example be easily adapted to suit your needs – maybe you want to send the message over Slack instead, or you want each account manager to get a customize deal list. Parabola makes it easy to implement the logic you need.

Receive a weekly sales summary email

Process your CRM data

Once your data is in Parabola, you can do the following:

–We only care about opportunities that are closing next week, so we use the Compare dates and Remove rows steps to select for the right data.

–We use the Insert column step to include account name and the amount associated with the deal.

–We Group by close date, which allows to aggregate information by day.

Export your ✨ newly cleaned ✨ data

Before sending the email, we add a column that includes the recipient email address (in this case, my personal email address) and we filter to only include the right week's data. Lastly, we use the Send Emails step to send!

Schedule your flow!

You can schedule this flow to run every Monday (or whenever you'd like!). After you hit Publish, use the scheduler to choose how often you'd like this to send. In our case, we're looking at the following week's data, so it makes sense to just run the flow once per week.